The toys Jammin’ Jimmy Olson and Cokie “B” Bizzle collect will benefit The Marine Corps’ local Toys for Tots and other toy drives that are in need here in Longview.

To date, Jimmy’s various Ton of Toys drives across the country have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds of Toys and countless bikes that have touched so many children’s lives on Christmas Morning. Starting in 1999 in Houston, TX and continuing elsewhere, this is unlike any toy drive and is a struggle for Jimmy as he lives in an uninsulated container (POD).

Unshaven and unbathed, Jimmy and won’t leave his pod until at least 2,000 pounds of Toys and 200 bikes are raised for needy children in Longview.

How to donate:

  1. Go to this link – Walmart
  2. Click on make this my store on the Walmart page
  3.  Go online and order for pick up site – Pick Up
  4. Order the toys and bikes you’d like to donate and put them under Jimmy & Cokie’s Ton of Toys and Jimmy Olson. Confirm your Pick up From is set to 515 E Loop 281, Longview, Tx 75605 Walmart
  5. Checkout and pay. Make sure to leave your name so we can thank you!


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