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Jammin’ Jimmy Olson and Cokie “B” Bizzle are AGAIN looking to give back to families in need in Longview by raising at least 10,000 pounds of non-perishable food especially Beans and Rice and diapers for the lil’ ones. Jimmy & Cokie will be in the parking lot of the Walmart Supercenter at 4006 Estes Pkwy Longview, TX 75603 and will live, eat & sleep there for at least 4 days when it will be determined if at least 10,000 pounds of non-perishable food and diapers is raised to benefit the Neal McCoy’s East Texas Angel Network and The Longview Community Ministries regardless of the weather until the good caring people in Longview and surrounding areas stop by to drop off non-perishable food items which will go to help fill the coffers at the East Texas Food pantries.

How to donate:

  1. Go to this link – Walmart
  2. Click on make this my store on the Walmart page
  3.  Go to the grocery pick up site – Pick Up
  4. Order the groceries you’d like to donate and put them under Jimmy & Cokie’s Sring Food Drive and Jimmy Olson. Confirm your Pick up From is set to 4006 Estes Pkwy Longview, TX 75603 Walmart
  5. Checkout and pay. Make sure to leave your name so we can thank you!


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